GTC Vary Hunter


GTC VARY HUNTER controls and analysis Project Variances with regard to cost and time, as well as the resulting consequences / effects. The following overviews show GTC’s controlled / analysed Project Performance Control Parameters and Control- / Analysis Processes (Control Loop).

GTC VARY HUNTER Performance Control- / Analysis Parameters

GTC VARY HUNTER Performance Control- / Analysis Processes (Control Loop)

Main Features & Advantages

GTC VARY HUNTER meets the worldwide demand for a reliable, standardised and formalised Project Performance Control System which covers all required control / analysis processes.

GTC VARY HUNTER’s Control / Analysis requires the monthly tracking of only 2 parameters (Tracking values) to be derived from the Project Time schedule and the related tracking. All further Project Parameters are analysed online according to the implemented Algorithms.

GTC VARY HUNTER’s Analysis-Report delivers simultaneously the Project Performance Report, i. e. there is no time / cost required for the generation of a separate Project Performance Report.

Further GTC VARY HUNTER delivers throughout the Project Lifetime veritably facts of the case related claims (supporting documents for enforcement of own claims / defence of counter claims).

GTC VARY HUNTER can be applied for all Project values and types, even for the retrospective analysis of already executed / closed projects.

GTC VARY HUNTER – Available Example Projects

GTC VARY HUNTER Example Projects
More detailed information regarding ProPerCoSy / GTC VARY HUNTER are available in the form of descriptions and Power Point Presentations.