GTC Risk Hunter


Various international investigations report, that Risk Management Processes (RM) are not effectively structured and implemented in many Organizations.

In order to solve the problem GTC had developed a user friendly IT-Solution called RISK HUNTER, which provides all Project Members a structured access to and work with the Risk Management Processes.

GTC RISK HUNTER is based on a complete Control Loop covering all PM Processes, refer to the following Overview.

GTC RISK HUNTER (Control Loop)

GTC RISK HUNTER – Features / Advantages

GTC RISK HUNTER implements the individual Organisation’s framework / requirements for the Risk Management Processes, including the Organisation’s specific Risk Management Policy.

GTC RISK HUNTER applies Algorithms, which enable an easy and simultaneous Risk assessment process with regard to Quantity and Quality. The Analysis Results deliver the Project-Management online a decision reliable analysis and thus a proved basis for the steering of the required Risk minimization measures.

More detailed information

More detailed information regarding ProPerCoSy / GTC RISK HUNTER are available in the form of example projects, descriptions and Power Point Presentations.