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During the decades of my professional Project Management experiences some visions arise and growth to improve certain Project Control- / Management Processes significantly as many PM Processes have a poor efficiency (effort / benefit ratio). Many recent and today’s reports about significant Project Overspends and Overruns worldwide confirm this assessment and thus intensified such GTC’s visions. In 2010 I have decided to found Gruber-Top-Consult (GTC) and to invest the following years into the realization of my vision for an improved integrated Project Control- / Management System which reduces the risk of overspends / overruns significantly.

In this context the foundation of Gruber-Top-Consult gave me the best chance to bring certain required things together, the knowledge gathered during my studies and advanced PM education (Certification), my pleasure to work with many different characters of humans in various teams over the time and –very important- my professional practical experiences, that means:


Areas of General Experiences: Project Control- / Management for Project Integration, Stakeholder, Time- / Scope- / Quality- and Cost, Risk, Resources, Procurement, Communication


Areas of Particular PM Experiences:

Executed Projects in e.g. Asia (China, several years), Western- and Eastern Europe

FIDIC Contracts (especially Silver Book, EPC)

Claims (disputed Variations / -Changes)

Monte Carlo Simulation

Scheduling (Microsoft Project 2013)

Microsoft Office (Excel, Word and Power Point)


I put the focus on the key objective to control the Project Risk- and -Cost development very close in order to decide / execute the necessary re-tracking measures (corrective actions) at the earliest possible time during the Project Implementation Process.


The other surrounding objectives were the development of efficient PM Processes with the related Software based on

Based on the envisaged objectives Gruber Top Consult have developed 3 highly efficient and innovative Project Management Products over the recent 5 years (i. e. related PM Processes and User Software) for

The development of the Products have been accomplished in late 2015 / early 2016 including testing and elaboration of their supporting documents such as

Now, an important key milestone on the way of my vision realization has been reached with RISK HUNTER as a highly efficient Risk Management Processes / Software (based on ISO 30010 principles) and VARY HUNTER, GTC’s own innovative solution for a new integrated Project Control and especially Cost Control / Management Structure including various new Elements. The Intellectual Properties of the Products are notarial secured / certified (Deed).

RISK- and VARY HUNTER are products with an unique selling point which –according to GTC’s future vision- will become the world standard for Project Risk- and especially for Project Cost Control during the next years.

Further Information about the GTC’s Product features are available on this Homepage. Please understand that -in order to protect GTC’s and also a future partner’s know-how- GTC provide only limited information (principles) here and that the provision of more information is subject to personal business relations (face to face contacts).

After accomplishment of our Products, Gruber Top Consult now challenges the next phase to find a well-known partner (international leading Construction- / Consulting Company) for the product marketing, either to form a cooperation (Marketing and Benefits: GTC and Partner) or to sell / transfer the licence to a potential Partner / Licensee (Marketing and Benefits: Partner / Licensee)

If your Company objectives match the said criteria and the anticipated marketing of the GTC products which give rise to expect extraordinary growth rates in a multi-billion dollar market - please contact me via the email contact form.

It will be my pleasure to get in contact with you to discuss and develop our further business cooperation!

Yours sincerely, Petra Gruber